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Bible Study Resources - Bible Sprout

Baptist, Resource Centre, Bible Study, Education, Evangelism, Outreach, Prayer, Spirituality, Worship, Information, Online, Research, Resources, Study,

Bible Sprout is your guide to the top Christian Bible study resources on the web. We’re focused on providing the best information about Christianity. We serve by compiling valuable biblical content in the form of Bible questions, study resources, blog articles, and more. It’s our goal that Bible Sprout users have answers to the questions that the world will ask them, helping people grow in their faith.

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Prayer, Meditation and Mindfulness - Christian Mindfulness

Counselling, Discipleship, Pastoral care, Prayer, RE, Spirituality, Courses, Distance learning, Online, Resources, Retreats, Speaker events, Training,

In a world filled with busyness, stress and pressure the benefits of prayer, meditation and mindfulness are now accepted as scientifically proven and literally re-wire the brain to function with greater peace, self-awareness and calm. A Christian Perspective on mindfulness explores how biblical theology, faith and practice relate to these ancient practices.

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GCSE Religious Studies & A-Level Religious Studies - Roman Catholic Religious Studies (RCRS)

Catholic, Education, RE, Courses, Distance learning, Online, Study,

Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies (ROMAN CATHOLIC Papers) OCR A-Level Religious Studies (Philosophy of Religion and Religious Ethics), tutored from a ROMAN CATHOLIC perspective.

PO Box 167
NP16 9BJ
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MA in Inter Religious Relations - St Philip's Centre, Leicester

Anglican, Resource Centre, Community work, Continuing ministerial development, Ecumenism, Inter-faith, Schools, Spirituality, Conferences, Courses, Information, Research, Study, Training,

Part-time course over 2 years exploring the relationships between religions in the context of a plural society and a globalised world.

2A Stoughton Drive North
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